Case Study #1
When this large consumer product manufacturer needed a new licensing strategy and a senior manager to execute the plan . . .
Case Study #2
What’s in a plan? A strategic vision of the marketing function. This established business enterprise sought to enter a new market segment and needed a strategic marketing plan . . .
Case Study #3
The launch of a new brand by a New York designer/artist had its own unique combination of market challenges, financial resources and business opportunities . . .

Case Study #1

Challenge: A large consumer product manufacturer needed an update to its licensing strategy and needed to add a senior manager to execute the plan.

Solution: Marathon Marketing conducted a complete review and analysis of the Company's existing licenses, the marketplace and the competitive environment to develop a targeted licensing strategy focused on brands that would enhance the Company's market positioning.

Result: With new objectives in place, Marathon Marketing provided management services to oversee the execution of the new licensing strategy on an ongoing day-to-day basis.