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Why Marathon Marketing?

A marathon is a test of endurance, fortitude and long-range thinking.
Success comes to those who know where the finish line is and who
have a plan of action to reach it.

Creating, developing and implementing a marketing plan is much the
same.  Success comes to those who can visualize the goal and identify
the most effective strategy for getting there.

Marathon Marketing employs a runner's strategy when it comes to
creating a marketing plan.  
Meet Laurie Berkin.

Laurie Berkin founded Marathon Marketing in 2004.  For the decade
prior to establishing Marathon Marketing, Laurie served as the Director
of Marketing and Licensing for several consumer product companies.
Before working in the marketing and licensing fields, Laurie practiced
law as in-house counsel for two publicly held companies.

Laurie received a B.B.A in Finance and Real Estate from The University
of Texas at Austin and a J.D. degree from Emory University School of

A marathon runner herself, Laurie understands the strategy required to
reach a long-range goal. She also enjoys travel and reading.
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